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Bayt Yeladim Jewish Learning Center is an innovative, creative, interactive, flexible, fun and affordable Independent Hebrew School. This unique and exciting approach to Jewish education is vital for Judaism to flourish, while meeting the needs of today’s families. We welcome and accept any student with a desire to obtain a Jewish education. Our goal is to provide an accommodating educational environment, for each child. Students attend a two-hour class once a week, comprised of Hebrew and Judaic studies. The Jewish Learning Center recommends students begin their formal Jewish education in 3rd grade; however there are circumstances when students begin later. Students are placed in a Hebrew class based on their educational experience. ​Placement for Judaic Studies is done by a student's grade in public or private school. 


Bayt Yeladim embraces all types of families in the world today (interfaith, divorced, same sex, single parent and others). We accommodate students with special learning needs, as well as those who have rigorous academic studies and demanding recreational activities. Students may attend our regularly scheduled classes and/or receive private supplementary tutoring. The JLC has experienced officiants to lead the B’nai Mitzvah ceremony/service. 

We are not affiliated with a branch of Judaism. We identify as progressive and liberal Jews, while maintaining strong traditional beliefs in Jewish rituals, traditions and customs. The JLC uses the Reform Siddur with traditional and modern melodies. Our journey for an education brings people together to learn about Judaism, and celebrate a common heritage. The needs and desires of Jewish families today, are different than years ago. We are offering non-affiliated families an option/choice, for a meaningful and quality Jewish education for the 21st century. The Jewish Learning Center is a cutting edge Independent Hebrew School, where students can be educated, and Judaism continues, L’dor V'dor, generation to generation.



We are currently registering for the 2021-2022 (5782) school year. For more information please contact:



Barrie Halpern, Founder/Education Director

(973) 983-3303


Bayt Yeladim Jewish Learning Center

107 East Mt. Pleasant Avenue - Suites 2 & 3

Livingston, New Jersey 07039


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