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Students attend a two hour class once a week that is appropriate for their age and educational background. The JLC recommends students begin their formal Jewish education in 3rd grade; however there are circumstances when students begin Hebrew School later. We strongly believe in "multi-age learning", a progressive educational model that puts students of different ages together. We celebrate this cooperative learning by giving special names to our four main "age groups",  eliminating any possible stigma associated with a students' age. A first year Hebrew student at most temples is an Aleph student. The JLC does not use conventional class names, creating a welcoming, cohesive kehillah, community. All students learn Judaic Studies. Hebrew for 3rd-7th grades, is based on his/her Hebrew educational level and experience. Placing a "young" student in the appropriate class, insures academic success and happiness. One of the ways we have accomplished starting students earlier, is by instituting the Sibling Registration Clause. The sibling(s) of a first time registered student, (4th grade and above), have the option to wait a year, before attending the JLC themselves. After the one year grace period, the parents need to register the sibling(s), or forfeit the opportunity for them to be a student at the JLC in the future. The policy was implemented out of a need, to lower the age of a first year Hebrew School student. Some families wanted to wait, and send their additional child(ren) to the JLC when they were older. However, waiting is not in the best interest of the student and the JLC. The older the student begins their Jewish education, the more difficult it is for them, their peers, and the educators. This multi-age learning model has proven to be very successful; producing diverse and enriching friendships. 


The JLC K-2nd graders are in the Bonim Group, "builders", building their Jewish educational  foundation. The 3rd-5th graders are in the Gesher Group, "bridge", creating a bridge from basic Jewish education to acquired Hebrew and Judaic knowledge. The 6th and 7th graders are in the Chalutzim Group, "pioneers", maintaining responsibility of a religion their ancestors have proudly practiced for thousands of years. The 8th-11th graders are Confirmation students, a dedicated group of young people committed to continue their Jewish education, culminating in a beautiful, special ceremony in 10th grade. 

The Jewish Learning Center is extremely progressive, but maintains traditional Jewish educational "fun"damentals. "If you want students to have a Jewish background, give them a Jewish playground." The JLC makes learning fun for students of all ages! The JLC's goal for every student goes beyond the educational basics. We want all the students to love being Jewish, demonstrate pride in their religion and culture and feel the bond of being a part of a strong, rich heritage that spans L'dor, V'dor, generation to generation. 




Classes run from September through May.

Bonim - "Builders" (K-2nd grade): Thursday, 4-6 pm (Meet 2x a month)


Gesher - "Bridge" (3rd -5th grade): Monday, *Tuesday or Thursday, 4-6. (Meets weekly) *Tuesday is closed.

Chalutzim - "Pioneers" (6th & 7th grade): Monday, 4-6 pm (Meets weekly).

Madrichim - "Leaders/Guides" (8th-11th grade): Teaching assistants in the classroom or working in other school capacities. Day and times to be determined.  



PLAN ALEPH - In-Person Outdoor/Virtual Learning (Hybrid Option)

● In-person outdoor when weather is permitting and online during inclement weather (which     will be confirmed by 2 pm on the day of class).
● 1 hour of small learning pods weekly (1⁄2 hour Hebrew and 1⁄2 hour Judaic Studies).
● 15 minutes of private, individualized virtual Hebrew teaching per child weekly (scheduled
    between teacher and parent).
● Each teacher/class will have their own open tent classroom.
● Each student will have their own book/binder and necessary supplies with them.
● Wellness questions, temperature checks, masks, and pre-class hand-sanitizing are        required
● A general waiver must be completed before school begins.

PLAN BET - Virtual Learning

● 1 hour of virtual small learning pods weekly (1⁄2 hour Hebrew + 1⁄2 hour Judaic studies).
● 15 minutes of private, individualized virtual Hebrew teaching per child weekly (scheduled
    between teacher and parent).
● Each student will have their own book/binder and necessary supplies at home.

Private Tutoring: 

Private tutoring students must be a registered JLC student, and pay the $250 required registration fee.

  • Mandatory weekly tutoring sessions are required in lieu of classroom attendance, for the same amount of standard classroom sessions. 

  • Cancellation Policy for weekly sessions:

    • Cancellation Fee - $75
    • Weekly tutoring sessions may be cancelled and the fee waived, provided the tutor is given at least 48 hours notice prior to the scheduled session. The cancelled session must be rescheduled prior to the next session date.

    • Failure to provide 48 hours notice imposes the $75 Cancellation Fee, which must be paid to the tutor prior to the next scheduled weekly tutoring session.

    • A student must be in good academic and financial standing to continue private Hebrew School tutoring.

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