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Dear Morah Barrie,

Your effect on our daughter’s educational years is
immeasurable and priceless. So much of her positive Jewish experience comes from you. It is something that we as her parents will never forget. There are no words to express how much we have appreciated you, and your energy that you give every day. You have been a gift to all the kids that are lucky enough to be in your school.



Dear Morah Barrie,

You are the most spirited, awesome, and encouraging person I have ever


Barrie Halpern’s religious school program 
exceptional. Her approach to Jewish education
is perfect; there is just the right amount of Jewish learning and culture as well as Hebrew in a fun, warm and creative atmosphere. My kids received a top-notch Jewish education and absolutely loved going to class
every week!


Morah Barrie is innovative, with great instincts, welcoming, enthusiastic and a terrific cheerleader who provides a constant flow of new ideas. Many of the parents regularly comment that their children have never enjoyed religious school so much. But underlying all the ‘fun,’ she has a serious approach
to learning.


Barrie has been providing Hebrew lessons
for our seniors and she has displayed patience, enthusiasm and a true love of teaching the lessons. She is always prepared and keeps the class interesting and exciting. She is a true pleasure to have working at our facility.




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